With Epson Moverio, remote support is real

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With Epson Moverio, remote support is real

See how Epson Moverio made a difference.

See further – or close up

Epson Moverio smart glasses are a revolutionary device that not only lets you control devices like drones (by overlaying virtual information on real world data feeds) but also allows you to ‘see what I see’.

That’s the basis of Epson Moverio Assist – a remote collaboration tool that enables technical experts in an entirely different location to receive a live video feed as colleagues onsite examine and service printing presses or other equipment.

For example, a HP Indigo expert in Israel can now help multiple clients in a single day, as opposed to spending several days travelling to the customer’s location overseas. In these days of travel restrictions and increased flight costs and hassle, this is a priceless development that lets you add value at the same time as reducing costs, boosting problem-solving productivity and mitigating exposure to COVID-19 risks.

Tell me the problem

Reporting a problem by phone or email can itself be problematic. Language barriers, time delays, and constant backwards and forwards as experts seek the information they need from customers, who, with respect, often don’t have the same level of technical knowledge – these can all add up.

At Kemtek, we’ve always believed that the sale is just the start – we nurture lasting relationships with all our customers, with our superlative service offering being a key part of this approach.

Lockdown restrictions in South Africa made site visits almost impossible for a time, to our frustration (we always want to help) and that of our customers who needed our assistance.

We were therefore delighted to be introduced to the awesome capabilities of Moverio smart glasses by our long-time principal, Epson. The combination of Moverio’s AR capabilities and video live-streaming offers the perfect solution: being able to literally see what our customers can see will provide invaluable information, and these insights into any issues they may be experiencing will enable us to dramatically reduce their operational downtime.

Advantages all-round

Both service providers and customers stand to gain here from reduced costs, while equipment operators can see their productivity and profitability boosted. Epson Moverio Assist improves service quality and reduces the likelihood of ongoing issues. Epson Moverio smart glasses can also be used for technical training and mentoring, helping to upskill customers’ staff and show them how to identify and resolve common issues.

Of course, this technology is not just helpful when things go wrong. It can also be used for training operators in routine maintenance procedures and replacing or refilling consumables, as well as for walking them through software patches and upgrades.

Video is just the start

In addition to live-streaming, Epson Moverio smart glasses can be used as a portal for sending documents (such as maintenance or service manuals). This allows the onsite technicians to keep both hands free, without having to refer to information on another device.

Moverio allows augmentation of video feeds through AR – users at both ends can annotate or add arrows or text that draw attention to particular features of the device being serviced.

The video recording functionality means that every maintenance task now becomes a training opportunity, too – the video feed can be recorded and repurposed as best-practice guidance for colleagues, thereby offering further efficiencies and savings.

Whether supporting technical staff on the road from your company HQ or avoiding the need for them to travel at all, Epson Moverio smart glasses are a vital link in modern customer service chains.

If you’ve not yet experienced the power and remote service assistance potential of Moverio smart glasses, all we can say is that these attributes have to be seen to be believed. To learn more about the unlimited opportunities offered by Epson Moverio Assist, visit https://kemtek.co.za/news/epson-moverio-smart-glasses-see-more/, contact Aziza Mahomed at azizam@kemtek.co.za or call her on +27795270067.