The Kemtek Difference – Beyond Technology

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The Kemtek Difference – Beyond Technology

Discovering the Kemtek difference

In August 2019, we launched our new brand and unveiled our “Kemtek – beyond technology” tagline. That wasn’t a change of direction for us, but rather an evolution of our offering as we increasingly focus not just on printing presses and other devices, but rather on a more holistic approach.

Just over a year later, we’ve once again made changes to our website to reinforce the link between the technology we specialise in, and the solutions it offers. Solutions that can help you run a more cost-effective busines and unlock new revenue streams by offering additional services to your customers.

Creative thinking

Of course, technology is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve embraced the awesome potential of digital printing, and we regularly post inspiring case studies highlighting its differentiation potential on our Kemtek Creative pages.

We don’t merely supply machines or printing presses, however. Rather, we deliver fully integrated solutions that can help build long-term, mutually rewarding business relationships. Our equipment offering is backed by genuine expertise and an industry-leading post-sales support and service philosophy. As well as looking beyond technology, we look beyond the sale itself to help you realise the full potential of each technological innovation.

We liaise closely with all our principals to go beyond the specifications and features of each piece of equipment on our website and look at what it allows you to do. Digitisation comes with clear economic benefits, but it also allows you to expand your customer offering.

Becoming familiar with a new digital printing press may take a matter of hours; exploring its revenue-generating capabilities involves combining know-how with imagination. The greater your product knowledge, the more you can upsell. Our technical experts can show you how the features of your new equipment allow you to make your clients’ brands truly stand out.

End-to-end solutions

We see each piece of equipment as part of a bigger picture – and our expertise can help you create seamless end-to-end solutions that integrate printing with finishing and embellishing solutions – again, adding value to your client service offering.

Enduring relationships

At Kemtek, we see a sale as the start of something – not the end. While modern equipment has impressively low failure rates, its complexity means that issues can arise. When these happen, your customers will naturally need them to be resolved as soon as possible, to minimise downtime and any loss of revenue (not to mention the reputational damage that could ensue if they disappoint their clients).

We work with our principals to ensure that all Kemtek technicians are factory trained, and always up to speed with the latest innovations. Our preventative service and diagnostic offering can identify and eliminate potential issues before they arise, and we also provide assistance with routine servicing, and installation and integration of newly purchased equipment.

We’re acutely aware of the consequences of production interruptions, and as part of our journey beyond technology, we continuously seek new ways to keep you scanning, printing and finishing without pause.

Making a difference

Ultimately, the Kemtek difference can be summed up in a single word: commitment. We’re committed to supporting our principals and resellers, and ultimately to helping their customers move beyond technology. It’s a journey we’ve embarked on with passion and confidence: we’re excited to see how far we can help you grow and advance your business.

Behind every Kemtek solution is a genuine commitment to making each of the industries we serve better – and by better we mean more innovative, more creative and more profitable. Technology is a wonderful launchpad for these ambitions – if you share them, we hope you’ll join us.

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