Our Ribbon Slitting Plant: How Do You Prefer Your Rolls?

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Our Ribbon Slitting Plant: How Do You Prefer Your Rolls?

Over the last 22 years, Kemtek’s Ribbon Slitting Plant (located in City Deep, Johannesburg) has built up an enviable reputation for quality and value, supplying almost every imaginable size and format of Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) required by resellers and B2B customers in South Africa and beyond.

By adopting a Proudly South African approach, Kemtek has empowered resellers by removing the need for costly imports of finished ribbons. Instead, Kemtek sources quality jumbo rolls or ribbon substrate (including hot stamping foil ribbons) from suppliers in China, France, Korea and the UK. This international network includes world-leading brands such as ITW, Ricoh, Todaytec and Zhouli. In combination with Kemtek’s nationwide footprint, it means that customers are never far from stocks of the ribbons they require, as supplies are kept at all Kemtek branches.

Despite global supply chain constraints caused by the pandemic and associated challenges, Kemtek’s excellent relationships with principals, and careful planning, have meant that customers’ needs have continued to be met almost without interruption.

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The Kemtek difference

The Kemtek Ribbon Slitting Plant takes great pride in the quality and variety of labelling solutions it provides, with quality guarantees in place across the board, and the ability to supply virtually every type of substrate required by industries in South Africa.

A wide array of substrates

Kemtek’s offering in this area has grown significantly over time as demand for labelling solutions has increased. The original single slitting machine has now been joined by five more, enabling Kemtek to convert raw material from jumbo rolls of ribbon into the finished material required by printers in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Quality is everything

The Kemtek Ribbon Slitting Plant specialises in the static-free ribbons which are essential in South Africa. The industry-leading quality standards maintained by Kemtek mean reduced wear and tear on thermal transfer printers when compared to the lower-quality ribbons adopted by other companies competing in the market. In particular, using quality TTR ribbons means that the average life expectancy of thermal printheads can be prolonged, thereby saving on replacement parts and servicing costs.

Multiple applications

While up to 80% off the output of the Kemtek Ribbon Slitting Plant is black wax ribbon (for example, for use in the FMCG industry), many other solutions are also provided. These include general purpose ribbons, ribbons for garment care labels for the textiles industry and asset tracking labels for fabric items such as sheets in hospitals and hotels. Wax resin and resin ribbons are also a specialty.

The range of options also include specialist ribbons for applications such as near-edge (or flat head) label printing, hot-stamping foil ribbons and ribbon for variable data printing such as expiry dates and batch numbers on otherwise generic, mass-printed labels. A wide range of coloured ribbon options are available, increasing the flexibility and versatility of the plant’s output.

Local employment opportunities

The Kemtek Ribbon Slitting Plan has also helped to empower local communities in Gauteng through the creation of ten skilled, permanent jobs, plus skills transfers and professional development and training opportunities.

Cardboard cores are also procured locally, creating revenue opportunities for local suppliers.

Local answers to local problems

Rather than import finished ribbons, Kemtek’s team has the local knowledge required to anticipate the needs of resellers and customers across southern Africa. In combination with the quality assurances and versatility offered by the Kemtek Ribbon Slitting Plant, this adds up to an unbeatable offering for thermal printing resellers and customers.

For more information about ribbon slitting solutions from Kemtek, contact Marco Buthelezi on +27 (0)84 753 3421, email MarcoB@kemtek.co.za 

Alternatively, visit https://kemtek.co.za/corporate/supplying-resellers-from-our-ribbon-slitting-plant/ for more details on our Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) products, or visit https://kemtek.co.za/news/bar-coding/meet-our-ttr-ribbon-slitting-team/ to get to know the team at our Ribbon Slitting Plant.