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Kemtek PE Branch

Port Elizabeth has been officially renamed Gqeberha…

But some things never change, and that includes the commitment of the Kemtek PE branch team to go ‘beyond technology’ by delivering exceptional client service to our growing customer base in the Eastern Cape.

Established in 2008, our PE branch may be the newest Kemtek regional office, but it has seen excellent year-on-year growth, validating our approach of taking our technical expertise and service offering closer to where it’s needed.

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased, we made the trip to the coast to chat to our team in PE and learn the secrets of their success.  

Stephen McCarthy

Steve runs our PE operation, and ‘run’ is the operative word for a man who has completed 16 Two Oceans ultra-marathons and completed the legendary Comrades race 10 times. Appropriately enough, he believes in always going the extra mile – something he has done countless times both as a runner and a Kemtek team member.

He attributes the success of the PE branch to the great team of people he works with – people who are committed to making it happen. Let’s meet some of them.

Stephen McCarthy - Head of Kemtek PE branch

Tracy Moodley

Tracy describes herself as a people person – and that comes across very strongly whether she’s spending time with her family and friends, or providing world-class customer service. A keen baker in her spare time, Tracy believes in always rising to the occasion.

Tracy Moodley - Customer Service at Kemtek PE

Clint Hattle

Clint lives by his personal motto: ‘life is short, don’t let it pass you by’. In his professional life, that translates into never putting off until tomorrow what can be done today – something that our customers experience as extremely prompt service. When he’s not at work, you’re most likely to find Clint shooting the breeze (this is the windy city, as well as the friendly city, after all) around a fire with his friends.

Clint Hattle - Kemtek PE Staff

Zea-dine January

Zea-dine is our sales representative for Brother, a role that lets her play to her strengths – namely being curious about life and working with people from all walks of life. Another genuine people-person, she’s motivated to be better today than yesterday – and to repeat that every day. Her passion, drive and commitment to teamwork also help explain her success on the netball court, where she has both umpired and played at provincial level.

Zea-dine January - Kemtek PE sales representative

Bongani Dayimani

Bongani describes himself as goal-orientated – and that’s not just when he’s playing soccer. Along with the rest of the Kemtek Port Elizabeth team, he can go about his work knowing that all his colleagues have his back, and that they’re ready to step in and assist at a moment’s notice, regardless of their actual job title. It’s something that he himself has done many times, and its perhaps the single greatest strength of our PE regional office.

Bongani Dayimani - Kemtek PE staff

Luthando Kasa

Technical expert Luthando is exactly the man you want to see pulling up in his Kemtek van when something has gone wrong. He’s always calm in a crisis and has a unique ability to see to the root of the problem almost immediately. This results in less downtime for our clients, which in turn lets them complete more jobs and boost their revenue. Whatever productivity goals our clients may set themselves, they can be confident of achieving them with Luthando on their side.

Luthando Kasa - Kemtek PE Technical Expert


Now that you’ve met our PE team, you know that your enterprise is in the very safest – and most dedicated – of hands. If your business is in the Eastern Cape and you’d like to learn more about the services offered by our Port Elizabeth branch, please contact Steve McCarthy at or call him on +27832612048

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