Introducing the new Kemtek

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Introducing the new Kemtek

The New Year always seems like an appropriate time to introduce changes. It’s much more than just the numbers on the calendar rolling over again – and that’s especially true in 2021. Last year involved a great many changes – often imposed on us by factors that none of us could either anticipate or control.

After such a challenging time, we’re all looking forward to more positive developments in 2021. Here at Kemtek, we were able to use the lockdown period to work on projects that we’ve been passionate about for a while.

That passion stems from knowing that the changes we’re making will empower us to do even more for our clients, and provide next-level service across all our areas of expertise.

Change is an ongoing process

In August 2019, we introduced our new look and feel, including the tagline ‘beyond technology’. Those two words say a lot about the journey we’ve been on, as we transform Kemtek into a solutions-based company.

Of course, we’ve retained all our technical expertise, but we’ve moved on from being a technology company. As a provider of solutions, we get excited about the potential that technology has to transform business fortunes.

Technology can solve problems, unlock revenue streams and create previously undreamed-of possibilities. That’s why we get out of bed each day – because we know that the world-leading brands that we represent are developing technologies that can make your business more competitive and more relevant.

Begin within

As with charity, change begins at home, so we’ve been actively transitioning our internal company culture. Putting our clients first has always been second nature at Kemtek – you could say it’s in our DNA.

Now, however, we want to go beyond customer service in the same way that we’ve already gone beyond technology. This is the new Kemtek – a new company culture where get to know our clients’ businesses in even greater detail, to the point where we can anticipate your needs and recommend solutions to pre-empt any challenges on the horizon.

With our entire team entirely focused on delivering solutions across print technology, auto ID and bar coding, labelling and additive manufacturing, you can expect enhanced integration, profitability and growth. Starting now.

Launching our new website

Perhaps the most visible sign of the new Kemtek is our completely revamped website. To reflect the new emphasis in our business, we’ve transformed the user experience to help you explore our site by solution rather than products.

We will continue to offer world-class products from our principals, but the crucial change to our approach is to highlight the potential that each product offers.

Embracing ecommerce

As a further extension of our enhanced commitment to customer service, we will soon be offering ecommerce functionality on our website.

You will be able to purchase products and consumables online, with contactless payment and courier delivery to any location in South Africa. It’s a logical move for us: using technology to provide a solution that improves your experience as a Kemtek customer, and empowers you to deliver similar levels of satisfaction to your own customers.

This blog is just a snapshot of the changes we’ve made so far. Inspired by our desire to be the best and offer the best, we’ll continue to evolve. We see this process as an act of collaborative transformation: by engaging ever more closely with you, we can learn about your needs in new levels of detail, and develop an intuitive ability to predict and solve challenges that may confront your business.

Knowing that we can count on your continued support gives us the confidence we need to continue to move beyond technology. Join us – it promises to be quite a journey.

We’re excited for you to experience the changes we’ve made – and the ones that we’re still working on and will unveil soon. To learn more, contact Karen Stretch at or call her on +27 (0)76 681 9455.