Introducing CROSSCALL resistant mobile devices

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Introducing CROSSCALL resistant mobile devices

Introducing CROSSCALL Resistant Smart Devices

Kemtek Bar Coding Solutions is proud to introduce our new principal: CROSSCALL. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of their leading resistant mobile devices: smartphones and tablets, all designed to offer maximum functionality and survivability.

Thanks to their rugged, resistant designs, CROSSCALL smart devices are ideal for use in physically challenging environments such as warehouses, cold storage and outdoors. Their ergonomic designs and clever features allow people to be productive no matter what PPE they may be wearing, or how bad the weather may be.

CROSSCALL devices are almost impossible to destroy. By equipping your team with CROSSCALL, you can enhance their productivity by giving them the means and the confidence to get the job done, no matter what.


The CROSSCALL X-4 delivers maximum performance in both professional and lifestyle settings. This multi-resistant smartphone delivers all the functions you’d expect from a modern device, including a 48MP camera and a large 5.45” screen.

Then there are the factors that make this a device you can count on in even the most demanding circumstances. It’s an intensely practical phone, designed to be easy to grip and hard to drop. Each button has a different texture for ease of identification in low-light conditions, and the CORE-X4 is compatible with CROSSCALL’s entire range of high-quality mobility, energy and ultra-protection accessories.  

Additional features include a QR-code scanner and the ability to use the device as a walkie-talkie, while the fingerprint scanner offers security and accessibility.


This compact resistant smartphone is designed to go anywhere, and perform everywhere. Space constraints and tough operating conditions can easily be overcome, thanks to its compact size and 18:9 format, light weight and robust design.

The CROSSCALL M-4 has a battery that lasts and lasts, and it can shrug off water, rain, impacts and contact with other tools when you have to pack and go in a hurry. Its multi-band capabilities and superb ergonomics ensure that it will never let your field operatives down. However challenging the situation, they’ll be able to place the call – and get the job done.

Configurable keys let you adapt the CORE M-4 to your own unique needs, including easily converting this smart device to a walkie-talkie or SOS alert.


As it name suggests, the CROSSCALL SHARK-X3 is designed to excel in difficult underwater environments. It transitions seamlessly from shore to sea, whether you’re going surfing or inspecting offshore installations.

It’s Air Capsule feature (a layer of air between the screen and the glass) enables the SHARK-X3 to float – preventing that sinking feeling should you drop your smart device into the water.

Should it be immersed, it can survive for up to an hour at a depth of up to two metres. As well as being a survivor itself, the CROSSCALL SHARK-X3 can help keep you alive thanks to its emergency flashing light and automatic SMS function, activated on submersion, while the built-in 100 decibel whistle can attract emergency assistance.


The CROSSCALL CORE-T4 resistant compact tablet has been designed to deliver maximum performance no matter how tough the operating conditions. Connectivity, software and survivability are fused to create what is effectively a mobile office.

Its battery stamina is breath-taking, while compatibility with CROSSCALL power accessibilities can extend its stamina almost indefinitely. No compromises are made in the design and manufacturing processes, with the awesome survivability of the CORE-T4 resting on the use of quality components including Corning glass and Qualcomm processors.

The CORE-T4 also offers exceptional connectivity and fast, massive memory capacity. It is designed to run the latest versions of the Android OS seamlessly, and perhaps most useful of all, the CORE-T4 packs all functionality into a device that is a mere 14mm thick.

The CROSSCALL CORE-T4 is a true go-anywhere smart device – just what your business needs to reach the next level.

To learn more about the range of CROSSCALL Resistant Smart Devices, please contact Hendrik Booysen by email at