Honeywell and the Future of Healthcare

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Honeywell and the Future of Healthcare

The global pandemic has added to the pressures faced by healthcare providers. In addition to continuing to provide the highest levels of patient care, they now face the challenge of reassuring both patients and staff that hospitals and other facilities are safe.

New, even stricter protocols have been introduced – especially when it comes to disinfecting equipment and enforcing social distancing guidelines. Increased demand for COVID-19 testing (often conducted in temporary or remote settings) means an increase in the track and trace administration burden generated by sample testing and results management. All of this must be achieved without compromising on productivity.

Mobile computer maker Honeywell has identified three key areas where technology can address these issues, and has developed industry-leading solutions for each of them.

Optimising device usage

Mobile computers can only contribute to the future of healthcare if they are used effectively. This implies a training requirement, but also acceptance of technological change. Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software helps your organisation get the best possible return on your technology investment.

Administrators can use the software to gain insights into how the devices are being used, ensuring that medical staff (and hence patients) obtain maximum benefits from their hardware and software. More efficient employment of mobile computers frees up time to devote to patient care, while monitoring devices can assist with implementing social distancing measures. Remote access also eliminates the need for in-person troubleshooting, and offers the option of device system wiping in the event of misuse, loss or theft.

Honeywell systems offer a high degree of interoperability with legacy systems, and can be easily integrated into existing system architecture. This reduces onboarding timeframes and puts the technology your organisation needs in the hands of key personnel that much sooner.

Cleaner, safer devices

Honeywell’s centralised, cloud-based Operational Intelligence software can also be used to design and implement device cleaning protocols, and monitor compliance. Regular disinfection of shared equipment has been shown to be an effective way to mitigate the risk of disease transmission through contaminated surfaces.

Honeywell also produces Disinfectant-Ready Housings (DRHs) for its mobile computers – these are designed to protect devices from the effects of liquids and other cleaning chemicals whilst preserving full functionality and device lifespan.

Connectivity and information sharing

Faster, more effective patient management decisions can be made when all relevant personnel have instant access to patient records, no matter where they are. Honeywell Smart Talk facilitates this degree of collaboration, leading to more accurate diagnoses and improved patient outcomes.

Connectivity is closely linked to the question of patient confidentiality, which is a statutory and ethical obligation for healthcare providers. Data security is a key function of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge Platform – the software that the Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer runs on. In addition to keeping data secure, this smart device facilitates faster, more effective decision making in clinical situations and empowers healthcare professionals to be more productive.

The future of healthcare

Cleaner, safer and smarter devices that protect data whilst allowing it to be shared instantly for the benefit of patients will make a real contribution to the future of healthcare. While these trends have been apparent for some time, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for change.

Honeywell has been able to leverage its mobile computing and software expertise to meet the changing requirements of healthcare providers, from reassuring patients in hospitals to eliminating the risk of misplacing or misidentifying samples. This last capability is a vital element in effective track and trace programmes – again, a proven means of containing disease outbreaks.

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