Explore the SATO range of label printers

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Explore the SATO range of label printers

Welcome to the forefront of labelling technology

Kemtek is proud to be the sole distributor for SATO label printers in South Africa, a position that lets us offer the cutting-edge technology that modern businesses need to get ahead – and stay there.

Kemtek supplies and services a wide range of SATO labelling machines, including the APN / APF Series, JUDO FOOD, CG4 Series, FX3-LX and TH2. In this blog, we’ll be concentrating on the latest SATO offerings, the CT4-LX and CL4NX Plus.

Next generation label printing – the SATO CL4NX Plus

Intended as a direct replacement for the SATO CL4NX, the CL4NX Plus represents the next stage in the evolution of SATO’s technology offering. The CL4NX Plus answers the global need for enhanced track and trace capabilities across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, retail and logistics.

We live in a world of ever-increasing accountability. Customers are less tolerant of product defects or delays, which means that it’s vital to be able to identify and isolate faults immediately – no matter where they occur in the supply chain.

This calls for a label printer that is tough enough for any situation, yet can rapidly generate precision labels for complete certainty. Being able to track a component, ingredient or article from supplier to end user – and through every process stage in between – is a vital capability that helps companies keep their promises and avoid reputational harm in the event of mistakes or failures.

The CL4NX Plus combines advanced technology with survivability. The user experience is intuitive, through enhanced-UX interfaces, LD indicator lights for at-a-glance status updates, and seamless, multi-channel connectivity.

The compact design and metal casing, with boosted media capacity, mean that the SATO CL4NX Plus can fit in – and keep on functioning for longer – where other printers can’t.

Space, the final frontier – the SATO CT4-LX

Space is at a premium in modern workplaces, and no where is this truer than on your desk. Compact devices are the order of the day, yet you don’t want to compromise on performance or output quality.

If this scenario sounds familiar, and you regularly need to produce unique or short-run labels against the clock, then the solution is the SATO CT4-LX. This 4” smart desktop printer ticks all the boxes, and lets you achieve more, even with a smaller team onsite.

The CT4-LX won’t add to workplace clutter, but it will contribute to the productivity of your people. Smarter devices mean better results, and few desktop printers are as smart as the CT4-LX from SATO. Thanks to its online connectivity, you can benefit from proactive preventative maintenance, RFID connectivity saves even more time.

The SATO CT4-LX uses smart technology to simplify and streamline label printing. Efficiency and accuracy are assured, while functional design features include the 4.3” colour touchscreen, and hassle-free media and ribbon replacement. If your business is seeking global customers, the SATO CT4-LX is the compact label printer you need to reach them.

A sustainable solution – linerless labels

While most innovation in label printing has focused on devices, SATO has placed the emphasis on sustainability and revolutionised label printing media. Linerless labels are a simple yet brilliant idea that means more labels per roll, and less waste.

The savings in both financial and ecological terms are immediately apparent. Without the need for liners, there is a lower space requirement for both stock and waste. Removing liner waste from the equation makes printshops more environmentally sound, but also safer. Costs can be reduced across the supply chain.

SATO linerless labels are compatible with a range of current SATO label printers, with flexibility further enhanced by options including different grades of adhesive designed for multiple applications. To learn more about how the range of SATO label printers – and linerless labels – can expand your business options, contact Gillian Mearns at gillianm@kemtek.co.za or on +27 (0)11 624 8000, or visit https://kemtek.co.za/prod_brand/sato/