Explore the benefits of Hydrus Atmospheric Water Generators

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Explore the benefits of Hydrus Atmospheric Water Generators

Water, water everywhere…  

Pure, clean drinking water is a vital resource – nothing is more precious. If you’re off the grid or experiencing the mains water being cut off, its absence very quickly becomes an issue.

Now that Kemtek has been appointed sole Principal for Hydrus Climate Smart Water, you can harness the power of Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) technology to provide an independent source of pure drinking water – drawn directly from the air.

Thirsting for a solution

Water is in short supply – and many of the sources we have traditionally relied on have become contaminated by pollution, agriculture and even rising sea levels. Infrastructure challenges mean that mains water supplies cannot always be relied on, and during dry season or drought conditions, water rationing measures could limit your access to the drinking water you need for your family or business.

Introducing Hydrus Climate Smart Water

Hydrus uses innovative yet proven AWG technology to extract water from the air around us. By using heat exchangers to cool the air below its dew point, causing the water to condense. Even during hot, dry conditions, the air contains enough water to make this possible – and Hydrus AWGs are exceptionally efficient.

Unlike a conventional dehumidifier, the output from a Hydrus AWG is pure, clean drinking water – in fact, some of the purest water you’ll find anywhere. Because it’s extracted from the air, the water has been exposed to far fewer potential contaminants than water from a dam or pipe.

Each Hydrus Atmospheric Water Generator features a 7-stage filtration process, so you get nothing but pure water that tastes just like water sure. That is to say, it tastes of water – because that’s all it contains.

Become self-sufficient

Investing in a Hydrus Smart Climate Water AWG offers you the chance to become self-sufficient in terms of drinking water. No matter what the prevailing atmospheric conditions are, these highly efficient devices are able to extract between 70 and 100% of the available water yield.

Hydrus AWGs are designed for energy efficiency, too, meaning that they are eco-friendly as well as people friendly. Extensive R&D goes into each new Hydrus model, ensuring that it uses less power (up to 50% less than comparable models from other manufacturers) yet produces more of the drinking water you want and need.  

A scalable solution

Hydrus AWGs are available in a range of capacities, making them suitable for applications from household drinking water provision to generating pure water on an industrial scale.

Hydrus’ household models add a touch of style thanks to their unique design, and their compact footprint and quiet running means that they are completely unobtrusive.

The smallest model in the Hydrus range – the BWT-ADA 20L – generates up to 20 litres of pure drinking water per day (in optimum conditions). Every three hours, the water it has extracted and stored is cycled through the filtration system (which includes UV and mineralisation stages) to ensure that it retains its trademark purity.

Extract me a river

At the other end of the range, Hydrus offers industrial-scale AWG solutions that can generate up to 1 000, 2 000 or even 5 000 litres of pure drinking water per day. Despite their awesome moisture-extracting power, these units are remarkably quiet and energy-efficient. Models like the BWT-ADA 1000L, BWT-ADA 2000L and BWT-ADA 5000L (the largest AWG manufactured by Hydrus) all feature PLC technology.

This intelligent onboard system adjusts the fan speed to optimise output according to moisture levels in the air and demand.  

Whether at home or work, breathe new life into your drinking water provision with Hydrus and Kemtek. To learn more about the benefits of Hydrus Climate Smart Water and how you can create affordable, pure drinking water at home or at your business premises, please contact Andre Smit on +27833754196 or at andres@kemtek.co.za or visit https://kemtek.co.za/prod_brand/hydrus/