Argox iLabelPrint Android and iOS App

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Argox iLabelPrint Android and iOS App

Learn how Argox iLabelPrint app turns a smart device into a label edit suite.

Label design from your phone

Imagine being able to create and edit label designs on your smartphone, then send the designs instantly to your Argox label printer for a seamless fusion of creativity and technology. That’s exactly what the Argox iLabelPrint App lets you do.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, this software turns your phone or tablet into a full function label editing suite. It has an intuitive user interface that takes the stress and guesswork out of label design, and means that you can design your new label in a matter of moments.

Label design made easy

With the iLabelPrint App, customised labels can be created in moments. You can add, edit and customise every element of your new label, including images and text. Specify the requirements for a bar code element, then review and approve your final design – all on your phone.

The App also comes preloaded with label templates to save you even more time. Find the one that meets your needs – and edit it if you require a customised solution. You can save all your label designs for future use as you create a library of the labels you use most often.

Perfect labels every time

The preview option in the App lets you see exactly how your label design will look, and as every component is editable, you can adjust any aspect right up until you print. Within the editing function, you can add, stack and display elements as layers for enhanced flexibility.

Being able to preview your label in this way saves time by eliminating errors, and saves money by avoiding the need to waste print media on printing test labels.

iLabelPrint is compatible with a wide range of label and bar coding technology formats, allowing you to create labels for multiple applications, including human-readable bar codes. You can also access data from your .CSV databases to add to labels – there really are no limits to what you can create with the App.

Enjoy remote control

Once you have the perfect label, printing is a one-click process. iLabelPrint can communicate with a wide range of Argox label printers, through either Bluetooth, LAN or Wi-Fi, or a USB connection.

What you see on your device screen, is exactly what your Argox label printer will produce. Whether you need one label or hundreds, you now have complete control over the entire process.

iLabelPrint excels at both creating those one-off custom labels, and efficiently delivering against your needs for frequently used labels. Access and share your own label templates – over time, you’ll find that this function adds enhanced productivity to your business processes such as stocktaking, shipping and inventory control.

An App for everyone

The iLabelPrint App can be mastered in moments, which enables you to empower your team members and takes tasks off your desk. The multiple connectivity options remove bottlenecks – print either wirelessly, or by connecting your device to your label printer via a USB cable (Android only). 

The future of smart label design has arrived. With the iLabelPrint App, your phone or tablet becomes a powerful piece of labelling technology, backed by the years of bar coding technology experience and expertise built up by Argox.

The Argox iLabelPrint App can be downloaded at, or from the Google Play Store (iLabelPrint) or App Store (Argox iLabelPrint). Watch the Argox iLabelPrint tutorial here, or visit to learn more about how the Argox iLabelPrint App gives you control of the label design and printing process. You can also contact Gillian Mearns at or on +27 (0)11 624 8000.