Full traceability and industrial-grade connectivity? The Datalogic PM9600 Scanner charges to the rescue!

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Full traceability and industrial-grade connectivity? The Datalogic PM9600 Scanner charges to the rescue!

Full traceability has been identified as the top customer delivery priority for any number of industries including warehousing, manufacturing, intralogistics, retail, healthcare and more.

In addition, businesses now demand flexible, advanced connectivity, as well as continuous operation and toughness from the auto ID devices tasked with operating in their particular field.

Watch this short informative video to see the Datalogic 9600 in action:

The Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 – meeting the wish list

In these highly competitive environments, the Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 truly sets itself apart. Packed with useful features, this handheld industrial 2D bar code scanner allows businesses to smash their traceability targets and features industrial-grade connectivity that goes way beyond standard interfaces.

The PM9600 offers a comprehensive solution that outperforms its rivals in a number of key areas:

Wireless charging cradle – continuous operation  

The Datalogic PM9600’s unique cradle includes wireless charging capability, eliminating the possibility of poor or no charging due to damaged or dirty contacts, which is the number one failure in traditional cradle setups. The result is continuous operation while eliminating failure.

Industrial-grade traceability & advanced connectivity

Full traceability in manufacturing, intralogistics, retail and healthcare environments is a critical need. The PM9600 offers Industrial Ethernet protocols for seamless integration, beyond standard interfaces.

Modular, industrial IP-rated design

The modular base/charger offers multiple interface plug-ins for various communication protocols. This durable IP65 and IP67-rated scanner will withstand 2.5 m drops onto hard concrete, and the trigger is tested to resist up to 10 million hits.

Operator efficiency & smart battery

The PM9600 delivers enhanced operator efficiency and safety with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ and the smart battery technology maximizes and optimizes charging efficiency, including an indication of battery health.

For more about this remarkable business tool, call Anthony Shumba at Kemtek on +27 11 624 8000 or email him at anthonys@kemtek.co.za. Find technical details at https://kemtek.co.za/product/datalogic-powerscan-pm9600/.