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News . Auto ID

05 Jul 2018

Auto ID equipment can be a serious value-add to your business.

The value in barcoding

Auto ID solutions and barcoding equipment can transform the economics of your business in a number of ways. Barcoding technology can help you secure your assets, and reduce shrinkage in warehouse and stock management applications.

Knowing how many of a given item you have, where it is, and its history in your stockholding can help you manage customer expectations and streamline your supply chain, saving you the need to maintain expensive excess stocks, and avoiding losing out on short-turnaround orders.

In retail situations, auto ID technology can increase sales volumes by making POS operations much more efficient. In industries where regulatory compliance is both required and strictly enforced – such as medical supplies, laboratory testing and food processing, barcoding ensures accurate record keeping and instant access to pertinent data.

Investing in barcode scanners and associated technology can transform your business and create new revenue streams. However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply spend money on the first system you encounter, or with the first supplier you make contact with.

Get the best value for money with Kemtek Auto ID

There are several aspects to auto ID value: barcode scanner prices are important, naturally, but so too is purchasing the most appropriate system for your needs. At Kemtek Auto ID, we not only offer the best value for money, but our after sales service (in terms of consulting, maintenance, and supplying consumables) means that you are not just buying a piece of equipment.

Rather, you’re investing in a system that will continue to deliver, and in a business relationship that will endure. We don’t just look for the quick sale; instead, we take the necessary time to get to understand your business and your specific needs, and only then will we recommend a barcoding solution.

Appropriate Solutions for Best Results

We’ll take into account the industry segment you’re in, and likely future developments. We’ll assess your working environment and the skills level of your employees, and use these insights to suggest a best-fit system for your company.

We consider factors such as scanning volume and the harshness of the conditions in which the barcode scanners will be used. We firmly believe that by adopting this approach, we can offer you value for money that extends beyond the simple factor of barcode scanner prices.

Kemtek Auto ID has excellent, longstanding relationships with all the major suppliers, which means that we not only have access to the latest insider information and performance tips, but we can also offer the widest range of barcode scanners at the best prices.

We are one of the largest barcoding equipment and consumables importers in South Africa, so we can usually supply exactly what you require with almost no lead time. This adds up to an unbeatable service offering and adds further value to the experience of being a Kemtek Auto ID customer.

Our years of experience in assisting clients in the agricultural, financial, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and retail markets add up to unmatched expertise, and mean that we can cut to the key issues when recommending the ideal barcode scanners for your business. From rugged, almost indestructible scanners designed to survive outdoor use (or accidental drops onto concrete warehouse floors) to compact POS printers, plus all thermal transfer ribbons and rewinders, our range encompasses a wide-range of price points and levels of complexity.

We have a genuine commitment to providing the best value for money, which means that we negotiate with suppliers and work hard to reduce our overheads so that any savings can be passed on to you.

Kemtek Auto ID understands that price is not necessarily the best or only indication of value, but nevertheless, we do our utmost to keep a lid on our barcode scanner prices. We want you to be satisfied with the quality of our service and to have the peace of mind of knowing that the barcode scanner you have purchased will prove to have been a sound investment.

Contact us to find the best barcoding solution.