Wiiboox state-of-the-art 3D printing: creating tomorrow today

Additive Manufacturing

Wiiboox state-of-the-art 3D printing: creating tomorrow today

Continuous progress

FDM (also known as FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication) – is the most popular form of 3D printing amongst consumers and hobbyists. It relies on a continuous filament of thermoplastic material being passed through a heated extruder head, whereupon the 3D object is built up layer by layer, based on computer modelling calculations.

FDM technology sits at the sweet spot between cost and quality of output – while there are other additive manufacturing techniques that offer possibly better results, they cannot match the cost-effectiveness of FDM.

Wiiboox has been at the forefront of recent advances in this field, with the aim of retaining FDM’s economic advantages while empowering this variant of 3D printing to be more competitive in terms of output quality.

The Wiiboox Company 2 FDM, for example, is a 3D printer that offers a very high degree of printing precision (0.05mm). Its dual-nozzle design has been streamlined at the same time as the printer’s capacity has been increased, allowing larger 3D-printed objects to be created.

Innovations include Auto Build Plate Levelling which uses a sensor in the print head to measure the distance between the nozzles and the build plate, and make the necessary adjustments to keep this distance consistent.

This reduces the start-up time on new 3D printing projects, and avoids the need for manual build plate adjustments. These two factors can be particularly helpful for users who lack experience or need to exchange build plates. In addition, the simplified design of the Company 2 FDM offers enhanced stability and durability.

A key component of any 3D printer is the nozzle, and these have historically been the source of quality-control challenges such as plugging and dripping. The Company 2 FDM does away with any such hassles thanks to its patented high-precision extruder.

With an expanded print area measuring 30x27x28cm, this additive manufacturing device represents a significant step forward in accessible FDM 3D printing. When used in combination with authentic Wiiboox filaments scale and quality merger to produce larger, better-engineered results.

Coming down the line

As FDM and other forms of 3D printing increasingly enter the mainstream – and the public consciousness – there is a growing need for this technology to demonstrate that it is not just futuristic, but sustainable.

Wiiboox’s filaments tick all the requisite boxes. They are non-toxic and not harmful to humans, as well as being eco-friendly. Inevitably, small particles are created during the 3D printing process, but operators are safeguarded by advanced air filtration systems.

In keeping with Wiiboox’s commitment to quality across the board, their FDM filaments have consistent diameters and offer very low shrinkage rates. This makes them the ideal choice for all compatible FDM 3D printers.

Industrial applications

While FDM 3D printing is understandably popular with consumers and hobbyists, this technology also has multiple professional applications from prototyping to component manufacturing. The variable precision and print size of the Wiiboox Company Pro 2 make this 3D printer the ideal choice for situations as diverse as manufacturing and art and design. Indeed, it offers such a high degree of accuracy that it has been successfully used in the automotive and medical fields.

It offers several distinct advantages, including the choice of single- or dual-nozzle operation, and an optional high-temperature nozzle. This allows for a wider range of filament types and materials to be used, and further enhances this 3D printer’s flexibility.

With innovations of the kind being introduced by Wiiboox, it’s clear that this form of 3D printing has made a quantum leap forwards in terms of quality, whilst still retaining the cost advantages that drove its early popularity. Both amateur and professional users can look forward to a continuous feed of future innovations as this technology is further refined by Wiiboox.