Akhani 3D: Enhancing Worker Safety

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Akhani 3D: Enhancing Worker Safety

Lift the lockdown without lowering your guard

The Akhani 3D industrial face shield offers manufacturing and warehouse staff an enhanced level of protection against the coronavirus as more companies begin operations again. At least until a vaccination is made widely available, PPE is likely to remain a factor in all workplaces where people cannot avoid working in close proximity with each other.

Many pieces of PPE are uncomfortable and impact on people’s ability to work effectively. This is ultimately counter-productive, as it results in reduced compliance.

Akhani 3D used their engineering expertise to address these issues in developing their innovative industrial face shield. Working with injection moulding partners Progressive Components and Matelec, they were able to leverage their familiarity with 3D printing workflows (including rapid prototyping) to bring this new product to market in a very short timeframe.

A shift in approach

When PPE works well, people should almost forget that they are wearing it. That is, it should fit well enough not to require constant adjustment (which can be annoying, and involve workers having to touch their faces more often) and be comfortable enough that it can be worn for an entire shift.

This new industrial face shield is built around a lightweight (yet robust), comfortable headband with an easily adjusted elasticated strap so that it can be used by both men and women (traditional PPE designs have faced criticism during the coronavirus crisis for not being unisex).

No loss of productivity

The Akhani 3D industrial face shield also features several innovations designed to enable workers to be as productive as they were previously. Impaired vision, for example, would at best lead to more mistakes and could be a safety issue. With its optically clear PETG visor and special venting holes to prevent fogging, this issue is avoided.

While the frame itself is reusable, the visors can be quickly clipped off and replaced in the event of suspected contamination or accidental damage. This contributes to the cost effectiveness of the industrial face shield. Cost is an important consideration, as workers in many industries are likely to need to use face shields for several months at least.

Where quality meets safety

The Akhani 3D industrial face shield is locally made in South Africa, using quality, FDA-approved materials. Further peace of mind is derived from the fact that the entire face shield is easily sterilised – a further contribution to worker safety.

There is even good news for the planet – when the time comes to dispose of a used face shield, the fact that it is made of recyclable materials is a further plus.

The future of business?

The coronavirus epidemic has placed a heavy burden on the South African economy. However, the fact that local manufacturers can collaborate to rapidly develop and manufacture a quality industrial face shield hints at the way forward.

The Akhani 3D industrial face shield is now available to order from their online store: https://store.akhani3d.com.

As the national economy slowly gears up again, the Akhani 3D industrial face shield has the potential to be part of the solution for businesses trying to get to grips with the new commercial normal and searching for a frontline defence tool. Just as importantly, it demonstrates that innovation, collaboration and agility will be essential attributes for South African businesses in a world where the coronavirus still poses a threat.