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RetailNOW is the must-attend show for anybody and everybody providing Point of Sale solutions in the POS Ecosystem, from Grocery and Hospitality to Retail and other Specialties. It’s the only show that focuses strictly on technology providers (resellers, software vendors, payment professionals, manufacturers and distributors). And as the driving force behind RetailNOW, RSPA works hard to ensure that RetailNOW is relevant, informative, collaborative, valuable, and entertaining.

RetailNOW 2017 is four information- and inspiration-filled days in August that will inform your opportunities, strategies, and best practices throughout the entire year. It’s designed to energize and empower you with knowledge, insight, foresight, and passion for your profession. Upon arrival, you will be invited to reAlign, reUnite, and reEngage with the core of our industry.

reAlign // By taking in the entire POS Ecosystem as a whole, including best practices and the most up-to-date information available, you’re able to reAlign your efforts, your strategies and your tactics so that they are all working in the same direction ensuring success.

reUnite // RetailNOW allows you to reUnite with peers and contacts from around the country to learn and share successful strategies, as well as find ways to integrate your strengths and work towards mutually beneficial growth and achievement.

reEngage // Throughout the four day experience that is RetailNOW, you will be exposed to a palpable energy created by your interaction with new technology, insightful research, and new opportunities. This energy will trigger you to reEngage with the POS Ecosystem and ignite your mind with new possibilities.

Attending RetailNOW 2017 will allow you to connect and learn from peers, trail blazers, and experts in the field. Be sure to bookmark this page as well as follow RSPA on social media for timely updates on new plans and announcements for the show. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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