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Make better memories

With more and more of our lives being lived on online, scrapbooking has enjoyed a remarkable revival and has become one of South Africa’s most popular hobbies. Rather than an online post or update, it’s a way of creating a physical treasure trove of memories that you can look back on or pass on to the next generation.

A scrapbook is a very personal creation: it’s an expression of your own artistic style, and it’s a record of the things that matter most to you, be they family, friends, pets, recipes or travel (and that’s just a few examples). During your life, a scrapbook is something you can continuously add to as you have new experiences, meet new people and travel to different places.

After you’ve passed, it will become a treasured book of memories for the loved ones you leave behind. No wonder people spend so much time transforming their scrapbooks into beautiful, unique creations.


Decorate your life

The joy of scrapbooking comes not just from recording your life and loves, but also from the way that you decorate and embellish your scrapbook. On National Scrapbooking Day – 01 February – over 35 official scrapbooking events will be taking place right across South Africa.

They’re the ideal opportunity to meet fellow scrapbookers in a fun, informal setting. You’ll be inspired by layouts created by other scrapbookers and pick up all sorts of new tips and tricks. You can find details for your nearest event here:


Take your scrapbooking to the next level

Simply by entering our National Scrapbooking Day competition, you could win a Brother ScanNCut home and hobby cutting machine worth over R8 000. Visit our Facebook page or Instagram account for details.


Meet the Brother ScanNCut

Once you’ve used a Brother ScanNCut, you’ll wonder how you ever scrapbooked without one! This all-in-one combination scanner and cutter allows you to give free rein to your creativity and express yourself in many new ways. With its ability to cut most materials up to 1.5mm thick – including fabric – the ScanNCut enables you to easily create patterns and shapes for your next layout.

The 300dpi scanner lets you scan patterns, photos and designs and then use the scan to cut feature to create items for your scrapbook. Whatever inspiration you find in life, use your ScanNCut to transform it into an element for your next layout.

Just like you, your scrapbook is a one-of-a-kind creation, and with this electronic cutting machine, you can easily and quickly create patterns and designs that tell the unique story of your life. Whatever you’re into and whatever you want to record for the future, having a Brother ScanNCut on your crafting table will make it so much easier to be you.


Scrapbook online and in real life

As a ScanNCut owner, you can also register for a Canvas Workspace online account and create and store projects in the cloud. It’s easy to wirelessly transfer them to your electronic cutting machine for quick scanning and cutting. Now you can look for new scrapbooking ideas literally anywhere and incorporate them into layouts in just the way you want to.

The Brother ScanNCut is simplicity itself to use. Brother understands that scrapbooking is a labour of love, which is why features like the large full-colour touchscreen have been designed to save you time – so you can get on with designing, sticking and buying more craft supplies – which after all, is what all scrapbookers most want to do!

With the Brother ScanNCut, you can now embellish your scrapbooking layouts in the best possible way – by using your imagination!

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