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Creative News . Personalisation

03 May 2018

Nutellas on-pack personalised labels promotion was a huge success and spread around the world.


Nutella jars are not only distinctive, but also jealously guarded. Which is no wonder when you consider how much consumers love this popular breakfast spread.

Personalised labels – with people’s names in the brand’s distinctively simple red and black font – encouraged consumers to connect even more closely with what is almost a cult product. As with all the best marketing campaigns, it also encouraged consumers to connect with each other.

Nutella fans could go online and create their own personalised Nutella jar label, with either a name or a short message. They could then download the new label, cut it out and stick it on their own jar (to reinforce ownership and deter sticky fingers) or to make the ideal gift for their favourite chocoholic.

This promotion involved consumers buying a jar of Nutella and using a unique on-pack code to unlock a microsite and create their personalised labels. Your Nutella Your Way could be seen as the next step forwards from Coke’s names on bottles, as it more actively involved consumers in the process of personalisation and had literally infinite possibilities for personal engagement.

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