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Creative News . Commercial Printing

11 Jun 2019

Making the transition to digital printing technology can result in significant business benefits. With the time and money you’ll save, you can afford to be more creative – which in turn will attract new business to your print shop.

Australian PSP Dashing Print saw a 300% revenue boost once they moved across to digital printing presses, and they are now able to offer a more comprehensive range of print solutions to more clients than ever before.

The Dashing Print team realised that they could intensify their already well-known focus on the needs of their customers by fully embracing the benefits of digital technology. They had always prided themselves in delivering on strategy, on time and on budget, but with HP Indigo they could take this to the next level.

Customers report that Dashing Print is helping their brands come alive – a crucial consideration when there is so much competition for consumer’s limited attention. Investing in digital print has enabled this Australian PSP to boost its revenues and employ more people, all by being more creative in the way it operates.

Dashing Print is now able to proactively approach clients with suggested solutions and improvements to their branding and communications strategies. That’s because they have complete confidence in the ability of their HP digital presses to deliver on their promises. The combination of innovation and imagination has proved to be a real winner for Dashing Print – and for all their customers.

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