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10 Apr 2019

The changing face of digital printing.

Unless it has stopped, your watch appears a little different each time you look at: time waits for no-one. But with Sony’s Fes Watch U, users can change how both the watch strap and face look at the touch of a button.

Using e-paper technology (like that found in the Amazon Kindle), the appearance of the Sony Fes Watch U can be transformed by selecting any one of up to 24 different designs stored in its memory. Displaying them uses very little energy and doesn’t impact on the watch’s battery life.

Users can select from designs created for Sony, or link their watch to a smartphone via an app and create and upload their own. This is a very real and immediate example of personalisation, and was made possible by the capabilities of HP SmartStream Mosaic software.

For the product launch, this same tool was used in conjunction with HP Indigo digital presses to create strikingly unique posters. Just like the suggested watch designs, these were created from Mosaic seed files. This ensured endless variety and powerfully suggested that not only the look of each watch would be different, but that each user experience would be similarly unique.

Digital print, time and design – three examples of infinite possibilities.

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