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Creative News . Decoration

20 Mar 2020

Halloween is becoming a bigger event each year, and companies are constantly searching for new ways to get noticed amongst the noise of ghouls and ghosts. HP found the perfect approach – they sent themed postcards to over 500 HP Indigo customers to wish them a happy Halloween, and repeated the exercise on other major holidays, too.

As well as greeting people, the idea was to show off the creative potential of their new ElectroInk Fluorescents in yellow, green and orange. Each postcard came in a special pack with a UV flashlight so that customers could enjoy the full spine-tingling effect.

As HP pointed out, there are many potential applications for these new fluorescent inks, including novelty (to catch the attention of jaded consumers or clients), security (think “invisible ink” watermarks) and the fact that fluorescent inks are just plain cool.

To further underline the importance of digital, the delivery of these postcards was synchronised with a social media campaign that highlighted the potential of these additions to HP’s range of printing inks.

HP ElectroInk Fluorescents are available for HP Indigo 7×00 and 1×000 digital printing presses. These glowing, vibrant colours will provide converters and PSPs with new ways to #inktheimpossible – and not just at Halloween. We’re thinking Christmas and New Year too, and that’s just for starters.

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