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29 Jul 2019

Apply your imagination to packaging applications

Flexible packaging presents both opportunities and challenges, and changing consumer demands are placing additional demands on this sector. HP Indigo digital presses are particularly well-equipped to meet these challenges, and at the same time, give marketers and designers new ways to talk to consumers.

The HP Indigo 20000 digital press is specifically designed for packaging applications, and delivers gravure-quality results on a variety of media. It can produce food-safe packaging, while its short run capabilities make multiple SKUs and customised campaigns possible.

Packaging is no longer a question of mass production – and the HP Indigo 20000 is the perfect answer to the need for greater flexibility and versatility. It can print on media from 0.4 to 10pt and combines high print speed (up to 137 ft per minute or 0.7 m/s) with minimal start-up times.

Deliciously flexible packaging for food

Flexible packaging has distinct advantages for the food industry. Lighter packages that use less material are more economical to produce and transport, and aligned with current consumer preferences for sustainable options.

Flexible packaging has excellent barrier properties, making it ideal for delivering extended shelf lives for food products. These physical properties can now be combined with the versatility of the HP Indigo 20000 to create packaging that does a lot more than simply protect and preserve what we eat.

Colour me good

With seven on-press ink stations, any branding requirements can be met, with a combination of on-press and off-press spot ink mixing delivering perfect matches for almost all PANTONE® colours, on any substrate.

Where the HP Indigo 20000 truly comes into its own is when customers require multiple SKUs, or they are embarking on campaigns that involve customisation. You’ve already ticked the boxes for physical specifications and accurate brand reproduction – now it’s time to unleash the true power of this digital printing press.

For brands that produce their products in a number of varieties or flavours, but with packaging that varies only slightly between the varieties, switching mid-run with conventional printing would be a costly and time-consuming exercise.

This previously reduced the ability of brands to respond to changes in consumer demand, trends and supply chain issues. With the HP Indigo 20000, print runs can be as long or as short as necessary, and switching to a new or revised design is as simple as uploading a new digital file.

Using insights from the ERP software and Business Intelligence technologies that are increasingly being used by FMCG and other companies, this degree of responsiveness in packaging production contributes to better inventory management, reduced shrinkage and better product availability.

On campaign and on-message

Packaging variations are not restricted to product details. The versatility of the HP Indigo 20000 perfectly lends itself to mass customisation – one of the hottest current packaging trends. Multiple versions of each flexible pack can be created, featuring elements for competitions or multiple aspects of a brand’s backstory or narrative.

Through the creation of multiple versions, consumer interest can be maintained. Flagging versions as ‘limited edition’ also gives each pack a certain cachet and can give consumers a sense of urgency about their purchases. It also encourages word-of-mouth or peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing, and nothing is more valuable to a brand.

It’s time to get creative

You can learn more about the capabilities of the HP Indigo 2000 digital press here. Alternatively, click here to discover compelling international case studies detailing the creative (and commercial) potential of digital printing for packaging.

We’ll be adding new case studies regularly, so be sure to visit the Kemtek Creative section of our website for ideas and inspiration – exactly what you brand (or your client’s brand) needs to engage meaningfully with consumers and remain relevant.