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11 Apr 2019

Thinking (about elephants) while drinking.

Bottles of Amarula are instantly recognisable by their shape, colour, and the bold elephant design on the label. It’s a key part of a brand that’s identified very strongly with Africa, and it gave Amarula an opportunity to draw attention to the plight of these pachyderms.

Due to ivory poaching and habitat loss, there are far fewer African elephants than there used to be. Amarula highlighted this fact with its purpose-driven ‘Name them, save them’ campaign. Web users were invited to tour a digital savannah where they could design and name a virtual elephant, and then share this with their friends.

The second phase of this awareness campaign saw Amarula harness the power of HP Mosaic to print 400 000 unique elephant labels for their bottles, using and inspired by the designs created on the website.

This made the dangers facing elephants seem much more real – now each elephant was an individual with a name (and by implication, a personality). Amarula’s campaign was a great example of algorithms working for the greater good.

Subsequently, Amarula went a step further with their #DontLetThemDisappear campaign. In a powerful use of their brand, they removed the elephants from their labels to graphically illustrate the fact that soon there may be no elephants left at all.

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