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20 Mar 2020

Winemaking is a very competitive business, with consumers able to choose from an incredible array of varietals and vintages – not to mention countries of origin. Israeli wines deserve to be better known than they are, and one winery based there, Binyamina, was determined to make this happen.

Not only did they want to launch a new range of wines, but they wanted them to really stand out on the shelves so that wine lovers would be drawn to them and encouraged to try something new. The obvious way to do this was through an innovative approach to labelling – but how?

The combination of a HP Indigo 6900 digital press and HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver offered the advantages of quick turnaround, multiple versions (the new range featured five SKUs) and crucially, the opportunity for enhanced creativity.

The converter (Peer), printed CMYK layers on top of a silver base layer, followed by embellishments in gold foil. The result was a label which was not only aesthetically pleasing, but which gave the wines the desired premium look and feel.

With premium labels on their new wines, Binyamina found that consumers’ perceptions of their wines changed and the resulting uptick in sales has led to further orders for Peer for innovative labels designed and printed using HP Indigo technology. The cork is very much out of the bottle now!

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