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Creative News . Personalisation

03 May 2018

By putting names on bottles, Coke connected with consumers and achieved an uptick in sales.


If there’s one thing one familiar to each of us than the Coca Cola logo, it’s our own names, and this universal truth was used by Coke to create a marketing campaign based on personal engagement.

Like all great ideas, this was a simple one: Coke replaced the logo on bottle labels with some of the most common names in each of the 70+ countries in which this campaign was rolled out. Consumers could then discover their “own” Coke bottle, or buy a personalised Coke for a friend, colleague or family member.

In the UK, Coca Cola began with 150 of the most common first names, and eventually used over 1 000 different names – which meant that the vast majority of consumers would come across a bottle of Coke with their name on it.

This became – with the help of a little seeding – a social media phenomenon and was linked to Facebook and real-world bottle personalisation activations. Coca Cola grew their Facebook fanbase significantly and reversed a decline in sales – all through the power of personalisation.

Consumers felt a very real connection to the brand, and the campaign’s emphasis on sharing and connecting perfectly captured the zeitgeist.

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