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Creative News . Commercial Printing

22 Mar 2020

Philadelphia-based ANRO has kept ahead of the game almost 70 years by continuously embracing the latest printing technology. Today, that means digital printing presses like the HP Indigo range. They were one of the first American PSPs to install the HP Indigo 7800 and now also use the HP Indigo 10000.

ANRO credits digital printing with empowering their modern-day printshop to deliver the best results and meet customer demands. At the same time, it’s vital for the business that the digital printing technology they invest in should give them a solid ROI.

ANRO’s move to more advanced digital presses was driven by an increasing demand from their customers for high-tech capabilities, especially on non-paper substrates. While this represented a significant investment for ANRO, they saw an immediate impact on customers, consumers and profitability.

Customers began increasing orders once they saw the positive effect that digital printing presses could have on their brand. Even though the cost per printed item might be higher, there was a clear appreciation that the value being offered was better.

As well as growing their bottom line, ANRO has been able to reduce their environmental footprint by completing more print jobs digitally. The major change has come in the reduced volume of imaging oil that the company purchases – which means a smaller carbon footprint from transporting and storing this consumable.

In conclusion, ANRO reported that with digital printing presses giving them greater uptime, they had been able to increase productivity on each press by up to 16%.

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