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11 Apr 2019

Lighting up a special occasion.

Diwali – or the Festival of Lights – is a hugely important religious and cultural festival for the world’s Hindu communities, and one of the most visible (and audible) events in the South African calendar. It’s a time when people naturally want to send greetings to Hindu colleagues and friends.

For Java Paper, it was an opportunity to not only do this, but to also demonstrate their belief that print is far from dead as a means of communication. In keeping with the theme of bringing light, they created a greeting card that could be converted into a pop-up Diwali lantern.

The combination of this surprising (but entirely appropriate) transformation and the decorative elements added by the HP Indigo 12000 digital press made this a much talked-about gift. Traditional decorative designs were made to pop by printing them in HP Indigo Fluorescent Pink. This ink also glows under UV light, add a further unexpected dimension to the experience of receiving one of these highly decorative lanterns.

The multi-substrate capabilities of HP Indigo digital printers were underlined by using 300gsm Invercote Creato – a type of paperboard that resists tearing and can be folded multiple times without cracking. This made it ideal for the creation of these greeting cards.

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