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Creative News . Personalisation

03 May 2018

Personalisation its the way the cookie crumbles.

These days we hear a lot about disruption, but it’s typically brands disrupting market sectors and shaking things up for their competitors. It takes a pretty confident brand to engage in some self-disruption, but when it works – as with Oreo’s Colorfilled campaign – the end definitely justifies the means.

If you enjoy Oreo cookies, you probably have a certain way that you like to eat them, and it could be a lot more creative than simply dunking them in a glass of milk (although there’s nothing wrong with that).

Recognising this, Oreo launched a festive season campaign that allowed consumers to decorate an Oreo packet, colour it in, add a personalised message, and have it delivered. They could either enjoy their work of art (and the cookies inside) themselves, or gift them.

Consumers could go online and interact with two holiday-themed designs by graphic artists, filled with lots of fun, festive icons. The site allowed consumers to zoom in or out on any particular area of the design and then add colour. Lots and lots of colour.

For a small fee, this unique pack would then be printed and shipped to the consumer. This promotion demonstrates the awesome capabilities of HP Mosaic digital printing presses, which use automatic, random zooming and selection to create almost infinite packaging options from uploaded core patterns.

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