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22 Mar 2020

Canadian consumers have been known to go “a lil nutty” for this brand of trail mixes and munchies, which attributes its popularity to its premium, healthy ingredients (which are organic, non-GMO and vegan) and its fun, funky packaging.

In an effort to appeal to younger consumers and capture a share of the lunchbox and anytime treat market, parent company KOA wanted to launch a range of unique designs that parents and kids alike would find irresistible. Each of the different SKUs featured a cartoon face with the open mouth being a clear panel that displayed the product.

The challenge for the converter (Swiss Pack) was that A Lil Nutty wanted to launch with what some might have seen as a crazily short turnaround time for their PET/PE standup pouches. A total of 11 000 pouches across some 20 different SKUs were required with a lead time of just 2 days.

But when it came to the crunch, Swiss Pack were able to meet this demanding deadline thanks to their HP Indigo 20000. The result was a satisfied customer, and happy consumers who could get their hands on their new favourite snack (and be able to spot it easily in stores).

Turnaround times this tight would almost certainly not be possible with conventional printing, but without the need to create plates, digital printing presses can start on jobs sooner and complete them in less time.

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