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Creative News . Personalisation

03 May 2018

Favourite snack + HP Indigo = customised packs


You know that personalised packaging has become a thing when some of the world’s most iconic brands begin to embrace it. KitKat has long been one of the UK’s favourite chocolate bars, and a recent Nestlé promotion gave consumers the chance to win a KitKat in personalised packaging.

FMCG brands have been particularly innovative when it comes to embracing the personalisation trend, and KitKat’s on-pack promotion encouraged consumers to enter a unique wrapper code for their chance to win.

If successful, they could then upload an image and a message that would appear together on their personalised KitKat, and this would be sent to them in a branded gift box. Now consumers would have the chance to have their own personalised break.

Personalisation works particularly well in conjunction with social media marketing campaigns, as this is where consumers connect, share and express their individuality, and the KitKat promotion was no exception.

However, even for a brand with Nestlé’s resources, this was a complex fulfillment task. Or at least it would have been, if not for the foil-printing and customisation capabilities of HP Indigo printing presses which were able to deliver custom-printed foil wrappers (each with a unique barcode to match to the delivery address) at the same speed that the chocolate bars were being produced.

Let Kemtek demonstrate the personalisation power of HP Indigo digital presses.