Creative News . Flexible Packaging

10 Apr 2019

Digitally printed flexible packaging helps improve farmers’ quality of life.

When Mexico’s ERCUS Group set out to create a new brand of coffee, they were looking to do more than just increase sales. They also wanted to make consumers aware of the challenges faced by impoverished rural coffee producers, and use revenue from sales to improve their lives.

The Café Franqueza ‘conscious coffee’ brand ensures that not only do farmers receive fair payment for their coffee beans, but that they receive economic aid and education in new technology and modern, more productive growing methods.

To highlight these issues, the ERCUS Group used their HP Indigo 20000 digital press to create large format coffee bags featuring the pictures and stories of individual producers. Thanks to the personalisation potential of digitally printed packaging, they could create multiple versions at the same time. Rather than consumers seeing the same picture over and over, they would be introduced to a new producer every time they bought a bag of Café Franqueza coffee.

This was a powerful way of getting a message across, and bringing innovative marketing into product packaging. Combined with the advantages of flexible packaging for food products (longer life, very low substance migration and convenience), the Café Franqueza brand was able to rapidly establish a retail shelf presence and tell a powerful – and empowering – story.

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