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Creative News . Protection & Security

11 Jun 2019

At Kemtek, we love our coffee, and we hate the idea of paying good money for bad coffee. Knowing that our brew is authentic helps make the daily grind more of a pleasure. We also really like the idea of drinking ethically sourced coffee.

That’s what Cambio Coffee is all about. They wanted a way to show consumers that their commitment to ethical trade practices wasn’t just marketing speak. They’re committed to protecting their suppliers and informing the people who buy their coffee and needed a way to communicate both of these powerful ideas on their packaging.

They found the answer in an innovative use of blockchain technology and security printing. With ScanTrust secure labels, they were able to add a cloud based QR code to every pack of coffee. Consumers who wanted to feel more connected to their coffee (and the people who grew it) could simply scan the code with their smartphones to see its journey from bean to brew.

It’s a global voyage from coffee plantations on the slopes of Peru to a roastery in Shanghai, and then to each consumer’s home. This helped consumers to trust that their coffee wasn’t counterfeit and added transparency and authenticity to Cambio Coffee’s claims that they were trading ethically. The use of security printing helped them validate their brand promise.

If you want them to know where you grow – let Kemtek show you how.