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10 Apr 2019

Getting consumers involved in creating unique packaging

Yooyi is a start-up premium baby food brand in France that had very specific packaging requirements when they came to market. Happily, the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press was able to exceed these.

Yooyi wanted to create small, resealable stand-up pouches for 20g portions of quality baby food in some 20 different flavours. They soon discovered that with conventional printing, this would be too expensive. They found what they were looking for with digital printing – short-run capabilities and variable data printing.

This allowed them to have multiple SKUs and enabled improved traceability and promotional elements on the packaging. With variable data printing (VDP), Yooyi was able to embrace personalisation and engage with their consumers (primarily new moms) by adding user-generated content from social media to the packs.

Tips, comments and recipes posted on Facebook by Yooyi moms were added to the product packaging for a more engaging experience – and to foster a sense of community. This sort of personalisation would be prohibitively expensive with conventional printing, but was easily achieved on a digital printing press.

Yooyi was delighted with the results, and their entry to the market was a great success. The packaging subsequently won an ‘Oscar de l’Emballage’ award.

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