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Creative News . Customisation

20 Mar 2020

HP Smartstream Mosaic once again demonstrated its ability to create endless variations on a theme with this fascinating campaign for popular Indian antacid, Polycrol. This campaign combined unique customer insights, cultural awareness and the power of digital printing to not only increase sales of their product, but also to drive a surge of traffic to their Facebook page.

The campaign was focused on the western Indian religious festival of Durga Puja – a nine-day celebration during which people cook and eat different foods each day. Inevitably this can result in gastric distress – exactly the sort of condition that Polycrol offers relief from.

Using HP Mosaic, converter Trigon produced 2 000 000 shrink wrap sleeves for bottles of Polycrol. In addition to an image of the goddess Durga and advice on enjoying the festival’s culinary delights without experiencing acid reflux, each label had a unique pattern based on seed designs fed into the software.

At a time when many consumers were experiencing both joy and discomfort, this approach really resonated. So too did the associated “Polycrol Foodie Champ” contest which saw many more visitors than usual to the company’s Facebook page.

This integrated campaign, which linked physical on-shelf products with an engaging online presence, and used the power of digital printing to create a more compelling packaging design, clearly showed that Indian consumers have an appetite for products that show that they pay attention to their needs.

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