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Creative News . Customisation

10 Apr 2019

Reinventing an iconic vodka brand – in millions of ways.

Alcohol and creativity have a long and intertwined history, but today’s visual artists (like the Yarza Twins) are more likely to get creative with a brand, than imbibe it.

Smirnoff espouses inclusivity as a core brand value (which makes perfect sense, given that it’s one of the world’s best-selling spirits). They approached the Yarza twins to create designs for their ‘everyone is different / everyone is the same’ campaign.

Inspired by this theme, and by elements of the brand’s iconography (including the Smirnoff ‘moustache’ label), London-based Eva and Marta went to work.

They created a series of eccentric characters and background patterns to feature on the vodka bottles. The idea was to underline the inclusivity of the brand by celebrating both individual style and togetherness.

Having let their imaginations run wild, the Yarzas then manipulated their designs to create endless variations on each theme. They described the process as addictive, with the HP SmartStream Mosaic D4D software producing randomised designs within the brand and bottle dimension parameters.

The results were as eye-catching as they were different, with every bottle featuring different colours, shapes and backgrounds to offset the quirky characters designed by the Yarzas. In a segment where see-through glass bottles dominate, this use of customisation was a clear winner.

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