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10 Apr 2019

Passion on the inside – and the outside.

Few experiences are more dispiriting than finding a quality product presented in drab or unoriginal packaging. In fact, you may never find them in the first place if they are presented in uninspiring ways.

This was the problem that Australian gin brand Animus feared that they might be facing. They had absolute faith in the quality of their products – a range of craft gins infused with not just botanicals, but creativity and passion.

Unfortunately, their labelling did not reflect this. What was on the inside was wonderful, but they needed a new way to persuade consumers to pick up the bottle or try a tipple in the first place. The bold translucent artwork on the back of each bottle has been designed to work especially well on backlit bar shelves.

This will help place Animus at the forefront of the explosion in popularity of Australian craft gin, with the decorative elements (artwork symbolising the elements that add character to each distillation: earth, wind, water, fire and spirit) really bringing the brand to life.

This case study shows how digital printing can give a brand the decorative packaging it deserves.

Let creativity be a tonic to your brand.