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11 Apr 2019

Virgin on the sublime.

Sindyanna of Galilee is a unique cooperative producing fair-trade olive oil. In a region that is sadly better known for conflict, this collective of Arab and Israeli women creates award-winning olive oil – together.

When they wanted to create new labels for their bottles, they turned to the most creative people they knew: their children. The Arab and Israeli children didn’t have a language in common, other than the language of art and colour.

They sat down together to create artworks that symbolised optimism, togetherness and hope. Their drawings and paintings inspired the new labels for Sindyanna olive oil.

Simply by replacing the word ‘Virgin’ on each bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the new labels turned from being mere identifiers into powerful messages of hope from a part of the world that sometimes seems mired in hostility.

The Sindyanna products became ‘Extra Unified Oil’, ‘Extra Positive Oil’, ‘Extra Hopeful Oil’ and ‘Extra Peaceful Oil’. This simple change conveyed everything that Sindyanna stands for and shared an important message of togetherness with fans of quality olive oil everywhere.

They also reminded consumers that by purchasing Sindyanna, they would be helping to create economic opportunities and bring two different communities closer together.

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