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03 May 2018

Millennial labels for millennial gum chewers.

The land of the rising sun is also a place where kids like to chew gum. And thanks to HP Indigo, if they choose Lotte brand chewing gum, they’ll want to masticate in public to show off one of the 2 million unique labels that the brand has created using artwork from millennial artists.

Printed locally using a HP Indigo 20000 digital printing press, the millions of unique labels showcase how young Japanese artists see the future. And it’s clear from the success of this labelling innovation that HP Indigo presses will feature prominently in the future of labelling in Japan and elsewhere.

The label variations were created from the original artworks using HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology, and the HP Indigo 20000 was chosen for its proven ability to print high quality labels at high speed onto film.

With some 2 million designs being created from just 20 seed images, HP Mosaic once again gave other digital printing press manufacturers something to chew over, as well as providing design-conscious Japanese teenagers and twentysomethings labels that they could really get their teeth into.

The hope for Lotte is that after being enticed by these awesome labels, new consumers will stick around.

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