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Creative News . Commercial Printing

11 Jun 2019

All universities naturally want to recruit the best and brightest students, but this is becoming a highly competitive market and nowhere more so than in the USA. Universities need to be able to communicate with prospective students, but they have to be more creative in their approach if they want to stand out in an increasingly crowded academic marketplace.

Lowering response times and costs can act as a spur to creativity, as Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia discovered. They brought the majority of their printing capacity in-house in an effort to make their direct mail campaigns more effective.

Liberty University generates very large volumes of printed communications which are sent to current students and alumni and used in daily academic operations. By investing in HP Indigo digital presses, they were able to significantly reduce their printing overheads – a stated goal, as Liberty is a non-profit establishment.

At the same time, digital printing technology delivered a measurable boost in flexibility, versatility and print quality. Quality is a particularly important consideration – like any university, Liberty is a particularly creative environment and being able to accurately render designs and colours makes their communications even more effective.

For potential Liberty University students, receiving personalised communications that give the best possible impression of this higher learning institution can help tip the balance when it comes to choosing where to study.

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